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Following is the list of Exhibitors for the 2018 Expo. The list for 2019 will be updated closer to the event.

ADM Instrument Engineering A14
AIM Solder Australia D3
Adlink* A11
Altronic Distributors A2
Ampec Technologies A10
Amphenol* A2
APM* C12
Autotronik* A11
Cleverscope A13
Chemtools D3
Congatec Australia B8
Control Devices Australia A15
Cumberland Manufacturing Centre A32
Curiosity Technology* A14
Deutsch* A2
Digilent* D25
Dinkle* A2
Electro Harmonix* A2
Electrolube A16
Element 14 D26
Embedded Logic Solutions  D22
Emona Instruments B1
ESI Technology Ltd* A14
Europlacer B21
Eurotherm* A14
ExtraEye FAI* C16
Fairmont Marketing B22
Fluke* B14
Fur Systems* A11
FS Bondtech* C16
Fuseco C9
GLW* D18
Glyn Ltd D13
GPC Electronics B33
Hakko Australia* A16
Hammond Electronics B26
Hawker Richardson  C14
Helios Power Solutions C2
Henchman Products  D21
Hetech C10
HK Wentworth A16
HW Technologies C8
Ideal Networks A11
Image Labels D8
Industry Update A29
IMP Electronic Solutions D1
JBC* B21
JS Electronics C28
Juki* D18
Karatec D2
Keysight Technologies B27
Kobot Systems  B10
Kolb*  D18
Komax WIRE*  D18
Kulicke & Soffa* C16
Leach (SZ) Co Ltd D29
Lelon* A2
Lektronics D28
Lintek  D6
LPKF Laser & Electronics* D22
Lutron* B22
Machinery Forum   A1
Marque Magnetics Ltd C26
Mastercut Technologies A27
Mean Well* A14
Mektronics B14
Metcase* A26
Micron* A2
Midori* A14
Mornsun B22
Mouser Electronics B29
National Instruments D25
Ningbo Degson Electrical Co. C27
Neutrik* B29
Okay Technologies D3
OKW*  A26
ONboard Solutions  B29
On-Track Technology C23
Oritech B21
Oupiin*  A2
Outerspace Design A33
Pillarhouse Soldering* C16
Powertran* A2
Precision Electronic Technologies  D14
Pritchard Electronics A9
Progalor Hub D30
Pros kit* A2
QualiEco Circuits A17
Radytronic* A2
Reid Industrial Graphic Products B28
Re-Surface Technologies C14
Rigol Technologies* B1
Ritec* A2
Rohde & Schwarz (Australia)  A12
ROLEC OKW Australia New Zealand A26
S C Manufacturing D10
Salecom* A2
Screen Process Circuits A7
Sigilent Technologies A11
Silicon Chip Publications A5
Simultech C29
SJ Innotech* C16
Spectrum Instrumentation A11
Suba Engineering  D18
Successful Endeavours A3
Sunon* A2
Surface Mount & Circuit Board Association  D35
Tagarno* D18
Tarapath C4
Thermaltronics Soldering Robots D3
TecHome* C10
Telit Wireless Solutions D13
TJK Technologies C8
Thermo Fisher* A14
Trio Test & Measurement A11
UniMeasure* A14
Vicom Australia  B16
Wago B20
Whats New in Electronics C4
WURTH Electronics C20

May be subject to change.

* Denotes - Co-Exhibitor Company/Brand Represented by Exhibitor


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